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Girls more often fuse love and sex which bodes trouble for them.Often the consequences for girls for sexual activity are much more severe than those for boys.Make a logical case for postponing intercourse – it can be dangerous (STD’s, HIV), there may be negative emotional reactions such as jealousy, embarrassment, insecurity, heartbreak, and there can be social consequences such as damage to reputation, unkind rumors and loss of friends.

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Biological and social drives catapult teens into new sensations and experiences and they can spend a lot of time learning how to deal with the resulting emotions.Developing this takes years, with repeated discussions and exposure to the concept.Don’t assume that schools are covering all that needs to be discussed.Exposure to education has been shown to influence young adolescents to delay sex and to make sexual activity lower-risk.Sex education is not suggestive; it is valuable and urgent.

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