Validating the mini nutritional assessment

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A study on free-living elderly, MNA and mortality conducted by Beck et al.23.5.

However, data was missing for five of the eighteen MNA items, and in these five items, all participants received the same number of points.

Each of the 18 items in the MNA test was individually analyzed with Cox regression to see if any item was a separate predictor of mortality.

There is a great difference in the prevalence of malnutrition, as indicated by MNA, between study population with different degrees of independence.The categories in MNA-SF were analyzed for differences in mortality with Cox regression.The total score in MNA-SF was compared with the total full MNA score with Pearson’s correlation.Of the eligible 937, all 284 women born between 19 were invited.For the women born between 19, a random sample was invited.

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