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This oriental sword features a classic, minimalist design.

When you want an oriental sword with a utilitarian design that you can use to practice your skills, then the Black Wood Wakizashi makes a good option.

Perfect for reenactors, collectors, or modern warriors, the Bosworth Long Sword serves as an excellent historical sword replica and battle ready blade.

This combat blade comes with a nylon sheath and features a unique design from end to end.

You never know, you might find the sword of your dreams, right here, right now.

The Black Prince Sword with Scabbard is an accurate reproduction of an artifact discovered in the mid-20th century, which was later identified by Ewart Oakeshott, an expert in medieval swords, as the blade of Prince Edward of Woodstock.

This functional Japanese sword has a practical design without unnecessary frills.

If you are looking for a traditional Japanese blade with good quality and an affordable price, be sure to check out the Black Wood Shirasaya with Lacquer Scabbard.

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