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After joining the course, the knowledge level has increased, the received knowledge is practical and it also increases the commitment to the organisation.This course is especially suitable for (new) sales representatives and culture advisers.From an auditor it is expected that he or she can determine if the company complies with the RHP standards. RHP has developed the course internal auditor for this purpose.Co-workers who have attended the standard course internal auditor, can further qualify for doing audits of the RHP company.If you visit growers daily, you are continuously confronted with plant processes.The way a substrate acts in a culture situation is better understood when you have knowledge of these processes.As such, it uses the Partner Countries’ national structures and systems, which benefit from a strong capacity development component.

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The latest results of the collective research are presented and cross-connections with existing knowledge about water and air are passed in review.Water and air are essential for the plant and its roots, but when are both optimally present?How doe the contents pass off in the root environment?In addition to a short brush up on the general audit techniques, the see through of the RHP certification scheme in a simply way is treated.The emphasis of the course is on the judgment of practical situations and recognizing items for improvement.

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