Przypadek 1981 online dating dating a stratocaster

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Made in 1981 but suppressed for several years, this early Krzysztof Kieslowski film is more interesting for its structure than for its specific plot details (which lack resonance for viewers like me who aren't so familiar with Polish politics).

A childhood sweetheart, a friend's sister and a fellow doctor all draw Witek's affections.The film may require backtracking to recall how some other characters figured in the preceding realities.The idea of one's life path being switched in a random moment is fascinating, but "Blind Chance" has two chief problems.Director Krzysztof Kieslowski contrives to permit Linda to sample each of three possible "futures" from three different points of view.Linda's possible futures split into three while he's running to catch a train, but Kieslowski keeps his audience aware of the infinite branching points in every life, while insisting that people don't fundamentally change.

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