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This Plugin is a replacement for the old chatmanager from Permissions Ex, which is no longer supported, but it can be used with any other public Permissions plugin, too.

Hey, I'm making a server and while installing plugins I came across a problem. It displays the faction, your prefix, name and suffix. (chatex.chatallow) but it's gaven permission to every rank.

Is there going to be a fix for the chatlock command in a nearby update?

I made a ticket a while ago on the same topic but still no response.

I'm having trouble getting the chat format to work. However, when I join a faction (or create one, doesn't matter), it looks like this: The faction doesn't have a colour (this applies to both allies and enemies as well). pls help Can we somehow disable the forcing of the colon between %displayname and %message?

Its the one thing preventing me from using Chatex and keeping nicknames enabled in essentials.

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