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to say that they “crashed” at my apartment is no figure of speech, but these recent oakland transplants’ rowdy east bay spirit grew infectious before long — i even found myself backstage at the mercury lounge, engaging in the vices of an honest-to-goodness rock star.atlanta work usually only brings me to the left coast, but i was grateful this fall to venture within a stone’s throw of my spawning grounds, to cover an urban comedy festival in atlanta.

karen made an agreeable companion, and she became fast friends with tim’s french bulldog, lola, when we took the little rascal, in tim’s prius of course, to a picturesque park in the shadow of the hollywood mother, serving as guest of honor, held court for an eager audience who relished her folksy stories of life on a southern plantation, as well as her eco-feminist polemics.maine michael and i headed north for labor day weekend in search of the perfect lobster roll, and discovered so much more in the process.i assumed a pen name for this venture, as i didn’t want to compromise my access to the ilk i was documenting.kara visits my doctor-friend kara and her loose cannon of a boyfriend aaron came to town for cmj, as aaron’s band had a show in the festival.

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