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Bloom, who fragments and closes inquiry): almost a decade ago, Art Durkee and I did an interesting and wide ranging Internet radio interview with him regarding his earlier books and ideas, such as The Lucifer Principle and The Global Brain, and while Ive occasionally followed up on his latest offerings, I was surprised when Bloom contacted me and offered me the chance to read and review his latest forthcoming book: The God Problem: How A Godless Cosmos Creates.

Likewise, despite its title, Bloom rarely mentions old Yahweh, much less his Olympian and Norse cousins.First, it ends in an active sense, not in a passive sense.It also is not larded with modifiers, and I tried to get it as specific as possible. To briefly expand upon the blurb, while I am irreligious, such terms as atheist or agnostic, tend to define themselves by that they oppose.Bloom, while an atheist, seems not to be the fiery Hard Atheist that Dawkins is, and his work is all the better for this lack of dogma (or anti-dogma, if you prefer).While I admire the contributions of Dennett and Dawkins to science, I believe theyve tarnished their real contributions with this folly of public exhibitionism on a topic that, in a world full of Homer Simpsons snoozing and going through the motions at church, simply is not as important as they make it.

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