Jussi 69 dating

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:)INFO: You Are…Name: Hazel Oakleigh Birthday: August 29 1986 (22 years old)Appearance: Short (about 5'3), slim (not anorexic, not fat. Shoulder length hair that's wildly layered and currently dyed a deep red colour (but it's been many different colours, such as black, purple and pink. Tattoos: A chain of heartagrams like a bracelet around your right ankle, and The 69 Eyes ankh on the inside of your left wrist.

Piercings: Two in each ear, small silver stud in your nose, small silver ring on the right side of your bottom lip. Lots of black clothing, gothic jewelry, and dark eye makeup.

Hän on ollut mukana kaikilla The 69 Eyesin albumeilla (tuli bändiin Loton tilalle toisen singlen julkaisun jälkeen).

heinäkuuta 1972 Helsinki) on suomalaisen The 69 Eyes -rockyhtyeen rumpali.

Personality: Outgoing around friends, and people you know, shy around strangers and people you have just met until you get to know them.But Raab's really keen on finding that Russian mail order bride again, so I think he's coming.So it's you, me the other HIM guys, Bam and Raab for the next few weeks." Linde finished, slightly out of breath from his long-winded explanation."Oh that's awesome!You shrieked in fear, but he just laughed."Whoa, chill Hazel. Bam sent me up here to wake you and give you the good news." An excited smile crept upon his face. The last time you had be given "good news" by one of Bam's messengers, Dico ended up telling you Bam had shipped your 8th grade teacher off to Saudi Arabia.It had taken you a month to get her back and even longer to convince her to press charges. His face was disappointed; obviously he wanted to be the one to tell you, not Bam."Way to go, arsehole," he shot at Bam. Okay, well Ville just got a call from Seppo and told him that we have about a week or two worth of shows to do around Finland before Tavastia on New Years Eve.""Oh." Your heart dropped.

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