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Jake had a big smile on his face, but Sally looked like she could smack Brett.Brett grunted and slammed his cock deep, holding it tight as he pumped his cum into Sally's pussy.Thousands of videos in stunning 1280 x 720 widescreen resolution!Oh, god, I thought, I'm actually doing it, I really am sucking another man's cock, well, kissing it really, but it comes to the same thing.

Then usually either Wednesday or Thursday when I felt like sucking cock, I’d give him a call.

Pushing me down on my face, Kevin pulled my butt cheeks apart and licked in between them, his tongue darted at my taint, that acutely sensitive skin between my balls and my ass.

Then he was poking his cockhead in my asshole as he slowly entered me, it hurt like hell and for a minute I thought my ass was going to split in two.

With his free hand, he began to lube up his shaft with a body wash we both had found tolerable to use when our showers turned amorous.

After a few minutes of feeling my insides lovingly massaged and churned by his manhood, my own sense of ecstasy began to rise to it’s peak. “You one of the hottest white bitches I have ever fucked,” Jalen said as he pulled out of Dee ass.

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