Fifa 12 divisions online dating

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It’s doubly exciting for football fans who are also gamers, as two major franchises hit the consoles around this time, allowing you to relive your footballing fantasies and fix results that didn’t go your way in real life.

It’s all rather daft, but surprisingly fun to play around with. Purists like me, however, will switch to a more traditional view pretty much straight away.

It’s guaranteed fun for footie fans, but is most certainly streamlined in some areas.

For example, signing players is as easy as getting Christiano Ronaldo to fall over, as you can ignore haggling in traditional fashion and just hit the e Bay-style ‘Buy now’ option, which guarantees a player’s signature.

While it doesn’t sound as realistic as Be a Pro does in other versions, it’s just about addictive enough to keep you playing and, in all honesty, is probably the deepest part of this package.

Still, even outside of the meatier modes, the friendlies offer something different in this iteration of FIFA 12.

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