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By the time of the Roman expedition to Arabia Felix in 25 BC, the Sabaeans were once again the dominating power in Southern Arabia.

Strabo's close relationship with Aelius Gallus led him to attempt to justify his friend's defeat in his writings.

In Arabic literature, the term al-Yaman includes much greater territory than that of the republic of Yemen.

It stretches from the northern 'Asir Region in southwestern Saudi Arabia to Dhofar Governorate in southern Oman.

The last Himyarite king Ma'adikarib Ya'fur was supported by Aksum against his Jewish rivals.

Ma'adikarib was Christian and launched a campaign against the Lakhmids in southern Iraq, with the support of other Arab allies of Byzantium.

Yemen's territory includes more than 200 islands; the largest of these is Socotra.

At the same time, Yousef sent an army under the command of another Jewish warlord, Sharahil Yaqbul, to Najran.

Sharahil had reinforcements from the Bedouins of the Kindah and Madh'hij tribes, eventually wiping out the Christian community in Najran.

Dhu Nuwas left two inscriptions, neither of them making any reference to fiery pits.

Byzantium had to act or lose all credibility as protector of eastern Christianity.

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