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"There was a loud bang and then one of the blades span off, and shortly afterwards the the gearbox's housing fell to the ground," Henrik Nielsen, one of the officials at the scene, told Denmark's TV Midvest.

"The wings splintered, and fragments and smoke reached as far as 35 meters away from the turbine." No one was hurt due to a 100m safety zone which local police had enforced around the turbine ever since it first ran out of control on Thursday afternoon.

I walked in and fell to the floor and shouted: HOLY IS THY NAME ! I cannot stress it enough - it was amazingly, gorgeously, beautiful to the 10th power. Of course all of the painting are stories from the bible so most of them you can figure out for yourself.Jeg er virkelig træt af at se min eks igen og igen.Kan I ikke fjerne de blokerede profiler 100% så det kun er hvis man beder om en liste af blokerede profiler at man kan fjerne blokeringen og få dem vist igen.Of course he was too young so she ruled in his place until he was old enough to inherit the kingdom at the age of 18. So Magrete sought to it that her nephew Erik would be the next king. And right nearby is this flag pole and memorial marker where every year on Sept.He too was too young and Magrethe kept on ruling the 3 countries until Erik was of age and then she ruled along side with him. 5th., ( just 7 days ago) men and women who have been sent to war are honored for it is they who have paid the highest price.

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