Anti-sex education campaign

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The party will also present 139 broad policy resolutions that have been adopted by members.Kevin Gaudet, PC convention co-chairman, said the gathering at the Toronto Congress Centre will give Brown, who he acknowledges is still little known by most in the province, a chance to speak to a wide audience."Any policy that attempts to limit a woman's right to choose or the ability of same-sex couples to marry are off limits, period," Brown said.Brown, who as a former backbench MP in former prime minister Stephen Harper's government had voted in favour of reopening the abortion debate, has been busy trying to fend off Liberal attacks that he is a thinly disguised social conservative."Polling leads don't matter, campaigns matter," he said. There's a lot of hard work to do." Liberal Transportation Minister Steven Del Duca will attend the Tory convention Saturday as an observer.He said it's "ridiculous" that it's taken years for the party under Brown's leadership to come up with its policies."The people of Ontario have had more than two years to get to know Patrick Brown and to try to figure out where he stands on the issues that are so important for them and their families," he that it goes so thoroughly wrong while containing a premise that is both true and important: US college campuses have a long history of fumbling cases of sexual harassment and abuse.

Social conservatives inside the party have accused Brown of flip-flopping on the issue of sex education — Brown spoke at an anti-sex-ed rally during the leadership campaign, promised in an email to a supporter that he would repeal Ontario's updated sex-ed curriculum, and then promised in a letter in a 2016 byelection to scrap it, though he later said he was unaware of the letter before it went out.

​With just over six months before Ontario's next provincial election, opposition Progressive Conservative Leader Patrick Brown is meeting with party faithful on Saturday to shore up support and possibly announce new policy.

About 1,500 Ontario Progressive Conservatives are gathered in Toronto to hone their election strategy, receive training, and hear a keynote address from leader Patrick Brown.

In fact, a detailed recounting of the case of one particular professor takes up two of the book’s five chapters, and her own case—in which she was cleared of all charges—takes up a third.

Given that she spends the book’s final chapter telling women that men are never going to stop raping us so we should just get better at fighting them off and, if we fail, grow thicker skins, that leaves just one chapter in which she even attempts to provide evidence that her two main stories represent some kind of larger trend.

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