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He’s an anomaly in a sport that causes such wear and tear on the body.

In many ways, he’s as biomechanically perfect as a runner can get, especially for his age.

His first race was in his hometown of San Antonio, TX. The tide changed in 2013: Macon ran a mind-boggling 255 marathons, although only 239 "counted" toward his total, according to Guinness. Aside from the sacrifices Macon makes (“I have no other hobbies”) to fit all the time it takes to train, travel, and traverse that kind of mileage, it’s also wildly expensive.

And while he wasn’t a complete novice—he'd been running a formidable 50 miles a week—he’d never run more, especially not all at once. Then someone asked if he’d ever checked the Guinness World Record for the most marathons done in a year. He ran 105 marathons in 2008, which Guinness World Records recognized as the most marathons run in a year. You’re dropping a couple hundred bucks for marathon entries in major cities alone, then you’ve got to factor in flights, hotels, and food. “My work takes me all across the country, so I try to connect and see if I can have a meeting in some city either on a Friday or Monday so I can do my first or last marathon close to where I've been working.” (His top three marathon destinations: Madison, MT; Monterey, CA; and "anywhere in Maine".) Of course, his marathon travel schedule isn't always so seamless.

“I was in a big group at about mile 25, when all of a sudden there were 12 police officers with shotguns,” Macon says.

“I've run at least two marathons every weekend, and I run more on holidays,” Macon says.And he doesn’t always have the luxury of plenty of sleep or a massage to recuperate his muscles.Half the time his recovery from a marathon is another marathon.That doesn’t seem to faze him, though: Macon just cuts a hole in his trusty super-wide 6E New Balance kicks to make room for his problem toe.He’s never had a trainer to program a regimen or perfect his form.

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